National Archery in the Schools Program CP

I was chosen from my “Writing TV/Radio” class to help the NASP (nonprofit) organization with their Informational campaign… I want you guys to follow me through my quest of delivering them what they need. The first thing that was on the meeting was the client meeting. My colleagues and I had to grasp a better feel on what it was that the organization wanted and the angle that we need to take. We concluded from the meeting two different types of campaigns. The two types of campaigns were:

– Informational

– Fundraiser

Like I mentioned before my group and I were tasked with the Informational campaign. With that being said, I came up with a copy platform that I wanted to share with you guys.


National Archery in the Schools Program

Client: National Archery Association in the Schools Program

Target Audience: Children ages (4-12) these are the students that organization wants to target. They’re not too young to learn, but not too old to not care. Also Guardians of children ages (4-12) they ultimately have the final say so in what their children do at that age. Also the community because this is a nonprofit organization, volunteers are needed.

Objective: (1) raise awareness of NASP as an after-school program in the area, (2) to inform parents of the many benefits that come with children joining the organization and (3) to get more volunteers from the guardians of the children and the community.

Sales Theme: The website takes a family oriented approach, casting pictures of children having fun out doors in a friendly, family-like environment. So the slogan that I want to implement for NASP is “Choose fun. Choose family. Choose NASP”.

Bonus Item: N/A

Positioning: NASP is to be branded as a fun, family oriented environment instead of your typical after-school program.

Approach: Fun and family.


(What do you guys think?) I want honest feedback to help his amazing organization… FYI I created the slogan because NASP originally did not have a very distinctive slogan.

To learn more about this organization, or how you can get involved, log on to:


(LOL) I love you guys, but let me get back to work. I have more moves to make and chances to take. I’ll keep you guys posted on what’s next.

Remember, “Image is Everything” ;).

Bowling Green Junior Women’s Club “Project” Brief

I am so glad to have worked on this amazing project. Any experience at this point at this point in my career is awesome, so I decided to take “FULL” advantage of working with my team on the branding plan for Bowling Green Junior Women’s club (BGJWC).

When my group and I first received the project we were clueless to the actual assignment and had no idea to what the organization was or what the organization does.However, after my initial interview with the President of the BGJWC… I quickly began to grasp the outline of what the organization was about and needed understood what they needed from the group.

After that interview was over I brought my findings back to my team. We split the overall project up into separate parts, each getting a couple of sections to work on.
We worked diligently to comprise the best branding plan that we possibly could put together with the time that we were given.
Looking back on the project, it was one hell of an experience. I got to witness first hand of what real teamwork was about. My group members overall were real troops and I was blesses to have them for the most part (don’t know how I would of done it without them).

BGJWC was really open to our ideas that we presented and gave great feedback; that was a plus.
We completed the branding plan very smoothly under the deadline that was given without a sweat.
If I had to do this project over again I would definitely do a little more research on the competitors so that my group could come up with even more ideas for an even better branding plan.

Ultimately I had a blast working on the project, I loved my group for the most part, and I don’t think that I would change a thing that I’ve done, well maybe just add to the project (lol).


White Paper

The professional topic that I am writing about is lifestyle. I have a Lifestyle blog called This is about everyday life, including everything from of course fashion, to skin, hair, parties, dining, and much more. I just want viewers to see life through my eyes and share my experience. I’m definitely not the riches person in the world, not even close, however I have a lot of life to live. I’m a college student trying to explore new things in life. I just want the world to know that it’s ok to step out on a ledge, but always remember that image is everything. Though this is a lifestyle blog, it’s one that should help uplift your life and take you to the next level.

After reading through different blogs, I’ve ran across many inspirational sites and people that have caught my eye and that have inspired me with my blog Fashionfreak07. I’ll tell you about at least four because I don’t want to spill all of my secrets (lol).

The first blog that has kept me going would definitely have to be The authors of this blog are college students just like me and I think that’s why their numero uno on my list. This blog site posts almost daily. They’re serving their audiences with exciting travel experiences, interesting encounters with people they have met, and their experiences in certain sceneries. The blog talks about fashion, celebrities, parties, and other events that are held all across the globe. The thing that intrigues me the most is the feedback that the blog receives. So many people are tuning into this blog just to see what these bloggers latest move will be. Also, the blog is endorsed by a few companies like Heineken and other prestigious companies. Serving as a lifestyle blog, the content that produces is completely amazing. These bloggers really have an appealing edge that is very relatable. I take off my hat to the creative minds behind… I Salute!

The second person that inspires me for my lifestyle blog is Kanye West. Now I know that he is not a blogger but he is amazing to look at from a branding stand point. For those of you whom are not familiar with Mr. West, he is a phenomenal rapper who has really left his mark not only in the music industry but also in the fashion world as well. From his debut album, College Dropout, to his crazy outburst at the 2010 VMA’s, this artist has had me hooked. His lyrics uplift to unusual heights, speaking to those who are creatively-rebellious. This lyrical genius can calculate the right time and artists to put together for collaborations. That’s talent! Kanye is a mogul on a mission to conquer and that’s what I strive to do as well. He has built an empire from pretty much rapping and publicity stunts. His fan base is ridiculous, and as much as people want to hate the man, you can only give him a standing ovation for the work that he produces.
“But for me to have the opportunity to stand in front of a bunch of executives and present myself, I had to hustle in my own way. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was that they didn’t get that. No joke – I’d leave meetings crying all the time.” [Kanye West]
But Kanye never gave up and look at where he is now. That’s the inspiration I want to give to my readers. Not just a good laugh, though that’s helpful, but I want to help ameliorate their lives through my experience like Kanye does every day.

The third Person that has inspired my blog is no one other than Ms. Beyonce Knowles. For those of you who do not know her, she is one of the most influential African American singers of our time. She has won pretty much every award imaginable and she continues to escalate her way to the top. This walking empire is amazing beyond belief. She is the epitome of how I believe young women should present themselves. I really appreciate how humble she is in the public and how she presents her fans with love every time she receives a chance. I have never personally misses Knowles, but from what I hear and see she is amazing. She produces footage from all of her tours letting her fans follow her through her work to lets us viewers know that everything is not always as it seems from the outside looking in. I love the fact that not only does she show the positive feedback she also shows the negative. That builds more of a trust between her loyal and her brand. Of course she must have trust because her fan base is through the roof! She said it best when she said…
“For me, it`s about the way I carry myself and the way I treat other people.” [Beyonce Knowles]

Finally my last inspiration out of many that I will discuss has to be the blog Now before I go off onto my tangent about this magnificent blog, I’ll tell you what it’s about. This is a lifestyle blog as well but mainly geared towards fashion. Now, this kid is not afraid to take risks. He has been to places that I’ve only dreamed of going. But that’s okay because I’ll make it there (lol). He’s always at amazing fashion shows, on a corner with a crazy wig on his head or modeling the latest in fashion. With his signature couture-like modeling pose, he has attracted the attention of big named designers such as Fendi, Marc Jacobs and many more. He even has a Marc Jacobs bag named after him “BB Ostrich bag” (lol) can we say Jealous. His followers expand very far. He has received so many awards from his blog and so many endorsements. is a very prominent blog site that I really look up to and only inspire to be greater than in my future.

After reading a lot of the blogs and reading Bio’s and Q & A’s from celebrities, I have come to the conclusion that they all wanted the same thing which was success. I feel that’s the same thing that I want to instill into my readers. I want you guys to know that there is nothing like having a positive and unique image. No matter the circumstance your image can get you in and out of trouble (if you know what I mean lol). I really want my readers to know that image is a realm of life that everyone should trick out to be positive and not negative. And no, this is not a fashion blog, this is a lifestyle blog that influence people by any means to help their image.

The way that I feel I will be able to make my blog more unique, would be to keep it local but with an international outreach. Of course I want to expand, but I think more real-world and on top of that, these are my experiences that I am willing to share with my peers. I go the extra mile, finding tips, and topics for people like me… college students who want the scoop. I just want the average person to know that to fabulous you don’t necessarily have to be in Alexander McQueen’s latest, or even be roaming the streets of Milan; however, those are all entertaining and amazing things.

Like I pointed out at first this blog is real, that’s the end of it. Everything on this blog is tangible. It’s perfectly within your reach if you just reach. I’ve made all the success and everything that this blog has without anyone. If you follow my advice there is nothing that you can’t do. If there is a job that you need, or if you’re just feeling bad about your own self-esteem, you can always refer back to this blog and there will be something of inspirational value on here for you. Even if you’re not into fashion, or skin care, or hell even music, there is always something at for that person. Fashionfreak07 comes with tips, tricks, diets, video tutorials, and whatever it is that you want. No, I don’t want anyone to change their lives… but feel free to take pointers on how I do this magnificent activity called life.

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Miami Spring Break


I had an amazing time in Miami on South beach. So much was done and said on this trip (lol) and I totally plead the 5th!

This was a real experience for me. 1st I had to take a plane and it was definitely my first time ever flying. My face on that plane had to have been “priceless”.

My friends and I had the luxury of taking Spirit Airlines… NEVER AGAIN. Now I know that I have never flown before but I know that planes are not supposed to look like how that plane looked. It was just way too much. To start, there were so many seats missing on the plane and I felt like the service was a JOKE to say the least. I took a seat in what I believe was gum after getting into a slight confrontation with a flight attendant of how big my carry –on was. I did not enjoy that at all, but hey it was Coach so maybe that’s why as well (lol) but like I stated before, I’ll never fly Spirit Airlines again… and I don’t recommend it at all unless it’s a very last option.

Upon landing in Ft. Lauderdale, my friends and I picked up our luggage which took hours to come out, it seemed. Then we met Carlos, our taxi driver.

Carlos drove us to our hotel (Villa) in Miami. The ride was pretty much like the plane ride meets a wacko roller-coaster, crazy and fast. But I was thanking the heavens that we did not wreck… But he got us to our destination quickly and safely and over-all Carlos was genuine and very cool.

Once we reach our hotel called Villa, it looked nothing like the virtual tour from the website, it was the total opposite from what we examined, The Villa looked terrible. It looked like a hotel from a poor village. In addition to that it was not even ready upon our arrival. The hotel was Bright-yellow, brick-like, and gross. On-top of that the manager tried to give us attitude because of how many people that was with us… seriously? I wanted say lady this is a hostel!! Don’t give us fever, but I kept my cool.

Eventually we just said bump that hotel and paid our cancellation fee because the management gave us way too much! So we left and went to the Parisian.

This hotel was no picnic either. In fact they barely had towels, only had one elevator, that only accommodated one person (huh) and the customer service was terrible. But hey you get what you pay for, so I won’t give them too much…

Finally we got settled into our hostel and decided to grab food from “5 Guys” restaurant, which by the way has the best burgers. Nadina, our waitress, took my order first and she was definitely giving me what I needed with the customer service… thanks girl!

We left “5 Guys” and started our break. Spring Break 2012 for my crew consisted of non-stop parting, drinking, laughing, V.I.P., celebrities and other new and great experiences. Over all my experience was amazing and I will definitely be returning. I recommend that everyone over the age of 21 go to Miami for vacation! P.S. the beach was fantastic. But beware of nude people (lol) they’re out there.

When planning your trips… people please plan ahead, read reviews, and think rationally.

“Image is Everything”.


Fresh Look

Okay guys I have a special treat (grins from ear to ear). As I go to class everyday I always seem to run across someone that has a fabulous fresh look. So what I’m going to start is “Fresh Look of the Week”.

This weeks “Fresh Look”


Meet J.Crutch, 21, PR major from Western Kentucky University. J is a major thrift store shopper and she does it so well. I’m loving this outfit: multi colored blouse with the slight shoulder pad, high waste (light denim washed) jean, grey studded belt (buckled to the back), Michael Kors watch, Forever21 bangle, long chained earrings, and light grey Oxfords, with a leather Cognac bag. She definitely rocked this look. Thanks so much J, you’re definitely giving our campus a fashion forward touch! PLEASE “Rate 1-10” (1-not so good, 10-fabulous) and leave comments about this look. I want to hear from you. If you have looks let me know! I can’t wait to see who I find next week (giggles).

Adele looks awesome


Stop the press, please!!! I’m not sure if anyone has noticed Adele’s recent weight loss on the front of Vogue magazine. She is pictured dressed in a black corset (tightened for the GODS), Adele gives us sexy-coy with her piercing-green-eyes, and huge barreled bronze curls trampling down her back. Adele definitely looks amazing, but why did Vogue edit this cover so much? Inquiring minds are wondering… i.e. me… She doesn’t look at all like the “Hometown Glory” Adele that we have all grown to know. This angelic vixen on the front cover of Vogues, March 2012 issue, looks like she’s on the prowl for a husband. I’m not sure what the world is going to do once Grammy Award winning singer finds “LOVE”. Honestly I won’t hate she does looks incredible. But her beauty is enough… that wasn’t all of the extensive editing was irrelevant. As I was eating my garden fresh salad and looking at my Vogue magazine I couldn’t help but to stare at the sexy, extremely-beautifully edited, March 2012 cover of Vogue magazine. If you haven’t copped your copy, get one ASAP!

The Creator


Hello guys and welcome to FashionFreak07. A little bit about me is that I’m a cool down to earth guy who is always searching for great topics to discuss. Glam is my life. I firmly stick to the motto that if you feel glamorous you do better in life. Yeah I know it’s a bit cliché but that’s my motto to life. I’m from the southern area of Louisville, KY but I attend Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. I am into public relations and I just want to show life through my eyes. I’ve always been a person of many opinions on things so I decided to use my opinions to enlighten others. Fashionfreak07 touches on of course every aspect of fashion, culture, music, food; whatever. You name it, I blog it.

I’m currently a student at WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY seeking a bachelor degree in Public Relations. After graduating from college I plan to work in the public relations industry. Hopefully I’ll be able to own my own agency in the future.As a student I am involved in a host of clubs and organizations on campus. When I see the students on my campus and how they carry themselves it makes me want to pull my hair out. It’s nothing worse than a young person who does not know their worth. My campus experience is one of the main reasons I started this life style blog, also the fact that I’m interested in the human mind and all things beautiful. In my mind every entity has a beautiful aspect; it just needs to be revealed.

This blog would definitely benefit the college students because I’ll be informing about different issues not only in fashion but all things glamorous. Also I’ll be giving out special tips to always keep you glamorous. I’m open to any topics, so please feel free to talk to me. Follow my words and my twist of class, and you can’t go wrong. Always remember “Image is everything”.

Grammys: pt.2

Okay after watching one of the most prestige awards shows, I have to say that I was over all impressed with the fashion at this year’s Grammys. Of course you had your characters like Nicki Minaj and GaGa, but then you had their imitation Sasha Grandova (gross). But I’m not going to give her too much. I know that I promised best and worst dressed, and I keep my promises. So here goes…


I must honestly admit that Rhianna was best dressed last night on the Red carpet. Everything from her 80’s hair that she has redefined to make it modern, to her gorgeous bronze skin. Rihanna really hit the mark. I absolutely love the deep neck line of the Armani gown, it compliments her body so well. The thin, chain necklace and the gladiator bangle really gave the dress more life (not as if her body didn’t). But I appreciated that she kept it simple with the jewelry and accented with a simple clutch. Snaps for you Rhianna.

Now my worst dressed pick (hands down) would definitely be Robin Mullet. Would someone please tell her never to wear that catastrophic mess to an award show ever again. I mean yes if you were accepting an award for the trashiest look, her along with several other celebrities who were crying for attention would have definitely been nominated. However, since it wasn’t that, Robin leave the foolishness at home. This is exactly what I mean when I say some celebrities try too hard to get publicity. On top of that someone should coach her on how to pose for a camera because her face looks like she hasn’t slept in months (no shade).

GRAMMYS; Best and Worst dressed

It’s definitely that time of the year again, Grammy’s! The crazy fashion, make-up, and hair you absolutely love to talk about. I’m watching the Red carpet right now on E and let me tell you it’s a sight to see. I’ve seen red mesh dresses, blue hair, and horrible make-up (pics coming soon). Celebrities in my opinion go way to above and beyond to get publicity, and sometimes it’s just not a good look. However, what I think doesn’t matter, it’s you guys (hahaha), tune into the Grammy award show, check out the fashion and PLEASE POST your favorite looks and your worst looks and I’ll post mine… though there may be more bad looks than good.